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I Can't Sit Still

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get so excited about something new that I want to do ALL THE THINGS and do them RIGHT NOW! But I'm also in a season where I realize that slowing down and taking a breather is a good thing. It's Spring and the sun is shining here in Southern California...I need to remind myself to soak it in and experience renewal rather than just relish in the rush of daily life.

I have a wall of shame at my house…being that I live in all of 761 sq feet, there’s not a lot of wall space. When I got the painting for my living room, my photo collage had to be moved. I love the spot I’ve found for my favorite family and friend photos, but I walk by it several times a day, sometimes actually brushing them as I go. As a result, the frames always look a skosh cattywampus. (FYI – spell check neither recognizes skosh or cattywampus but imma use em anyway!)

I’m typically not bothered by the tiltowhirl of frames on my wall because 1) I’m usually not paying attention, but when I am I’m 2) too lazy to do anything about it.

Last weekend, on a whim, I ran to Target for a couple of goodies and I decided to stop into the home improvement aisle for something else entirely. I spotted these mounting squares and realized my crooked frame issues could be solved very easily, by just adhering these to one corner of each frame!

Presto change-o! Such a cheap and easy solution for keeping those pesky wall photos in line!

Have you ever used something simple like this for keeping your frames from sliding off kilter?

PS – How many synonyms can I possibly use for crooked? And yes, that’s totally a picture of my parents at their wedding. It’s too flippin cute not to have on my wall!


  1. It is weird but I have a collection of crossstitch and oil paintings (because i’m an old lady) on this one wall, and no one runs into it but i constantly straighten them and they keep getting off-kilter. I think our house is haunted. Anyhoo – i NEVER thought of this and it’s SO smart. I’m totally doing it!

    I love that you have that photo of them up there!

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