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I Can't Sit Still

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get so excited about something new that I want to do ALL THE THINGS and do them RIGHT NOW! But I'm also in a season where I realize that slowing down and taking a breather is a good thing. It's Spring and the sun is shining here in Southern California...I need to remind myself to soak it in and experience renewal rather than just relish in the rush of daily life.


New PictureIt’s the end of January, which means it’s time for my first report in The Five L Challenge! I’ve been ADVANCING my way through the year (so far) and have learned a lot already…I can’t wait to tell you about my results!

LIVEThis one was the easiest, because I was already on a roll. I began working with an organizer and though we’re not finished, I already feel a sense of relief. My closet still looks awesome and the peace of mind it brought had me organizing my bathroom cabinets, too! I look forward to tackling my cabinets and garage…well, I’m not looking forward to tackling the garage, but I’m looking forward to the project being complete. I’ve also begun the process on updating my kitchen. I’ve got someone coming to give me a quote on the painting and tile work. PROGRESS!

I have spent some good quality time with my family lately and I’ve been more intentional with my best girlfriends. We spent a morning together earlier this month and then put a date on the calendar for next month. I went on a walk with one of the gals and had another over for dinner. I also traveled to TX to see my college bestie for NYE, went out to lunch last weekend with another friend, and accepted an offer to travel with my aunt in April.

I’m signed up for Match again, but I’m really not having much luck. Maybe my profile sucks. Maybe I need to be like columnist Alli Reed and create the worst dating profile ever. Or maybe not. In the meantime, I’m telling all my friends that I’m available for blind dates…and I also had a little flirtatious fun in the mountains…I like that version of myself. Vacation JJ needs to take over full time.

I haven’t really made much progress here. But I have been brushing up on my Spanish via audiobook…more on this later!

I bought a Fitbit Flex and I’ve been logging in my daily calories in My Fitness Pal. I revamped my workout wardrobe and it really does make me want to be more active. The weight is slowly coming off, but in the meantime, I’m remembering to make good choices and not be so sedentary!

How are you doing with your goals??? 


  1. I just love this challenge and seeing what you’re working on each month. Here’s to Spanish lessons!

  2. My goal is to allow myself the time to read, and it’s going well. My big word for the year is LISTEN. I’m still learning.

  3. gettin’ it!

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