How To Hang Curtains in 3 Easy Steps

Hanging window curtains doesn’t have to be an annoying and time-consuming chore. In fact, with the innovative no-drill curtain rod brackets currently available in the marketplace, you can hang curtains in just a few seconds. To learn more about this patented no-drill technology, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank show, feel free to visit Kwik-Hang’s website where you can also find an easy-to-read guide on how to measure for curtains and install curtain rod brackets. As opposed to traditional curtain rod brackets that require nails, screws, and drilling, Kwik-Hang’s brackets require no drilling, nails, or leveling.

That’s because every curtain rod bracket is made with a set of pins that quickly attach to the top of the window trim and secure it in place. To install these curtain rod brackets, all you need is a hammer or mallet. To see just how easy it is to install them, be sure to visit kwikhang and watch the video. It’s worth noting that no-drill brackets work only for windows with wooden trim and this should measure at least 0.5 inches. Curtain rod brackets should be installed before mounting a curtain rod or hanging curtains. Kwik-Hang’s rod brackets take the hassle out of hanging curtains the traditional way and at once prevents wall damage because they don’t require drilling any holes in the wall.

You can install them and hang curtains hassle-free, in just 3 easy steps – 1) place the bracket on top of the window trim 2) Tap in using a hammer/mallet 3) Hang curtains right away. Feel free to go to kwikhang to read the answers to common questions about the patented no-drill technology. No-drill curtain rod brackets not only save you time, effort, and money ( i.e. repairing damaged walls is costly) but they are also stable and sturdy, supporting up to 20 lbs, which gives you peace of mind especially if you have small children. Keep in mind that center support brackets are recommended for windows wider than 60 in.

If you have any queries or want to learn more Kwik-Hang’s patented no-drill curtain rod technology, feel free to visit the manufacturer’s website kwikhang where you can also shop no-drill curtain rod brackets, curtain rods, and curtain holdbacks, all of which are available in different modern colors to complement your home decor. Kwik-Hang is a veteran-owned & employed company run by Marine Corp veteran Derrek Burr and it exclusively sources American products, including the steel used on the hardware and fusing on the pins.…

Why Women May Want to Wear Sweatproof Undershirts for Women

No matter where a woman may be, even if she is just in a casual setting at home or even if she is working at the gym, it is never really acceptable for a woman to show signs of embarrassing wet marks or yellow stains from sweat when they lift up their arms. This will make other people likely think that the woman is not meticulous about her grooming and personal care. That is why sweatproof undershirts for women are a great option for women to help prevent experiencing wet marks or yellow stains on their clothing.

Prevents worry

If you are a busy woman with a lot on your mind, you do not need the added stress of having to worry about when your underarms will show wet marks and yellow stains on your clothing. That is why you can try to avoid such worry when you are careful to wear top quality sweatproof undershirts for women. Then you can go about all your activities with no stress and be confident that you look great without experiencing the presence of any yellow stains or sweat marks on your clothing.

When you are a business woman

When you are a business woman, you really need to look professional. Part of being professional means looking your best. You certainly cannot look your best if you have wet marks or yellow stains on your clothing from excessive sweat. But you can have the reassurance that your clothing will not be portraying any embarrassing wet marks or yellow stains from sweat when you wear reliable sweatproof undershirts for women. Then you can be truly empowered to be the confident business woman that you have always been designed to be with the reassurance that you look professional as you desire to look.

To be true to your femininity

Women are different from men. Most women do believe that they are equal to men in terms of their rights, skills, knowledge and abilities. However, women still do like to embrace their femininity. That is why they like makeup, nice clothing, flowers, home decor, etc. Women want to demonstrate their femininity by the way they dress and in their lifestyle. But wearing clothing with wet marks and yellow stains does not portray femininity. Thus, for the woman who tends to sweat a lot even if she is not exercising, that woman can find confidence in embracing her femininity when she wears sweatproof undershirts for women, as these sweat proof undershirts for women truly do prevent sweat from seeping through onto clothing.…