Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures for the Face

Nobody enjoys getting old, but it’s something we all have to come to terms with. There are certain things that can be done to slow the signs of aging. Cosmetic surgery is a relatively new form of treatment to improve your appearance. The problem with going under the knife is the risk, cost, and recovery time. This guide will look at non-surgical cosmetic surgery.

What is Non-Surgical Cosmetic Surgery?

Normally plastic surgery involves actually going under the surgeon’s knife. These can be fairly complicated operations that are not without their risks. They are also costly, and if not done properly plastic surgery can look fake. If you only have a few symptoms of aging which are bothering you, then non-surgical treatment might be an option to consider.

Non-surgical treatments use various techniques to improve your appearance without needing to make any incisions in your skin. As a result, you will recover quicker while still being able to enjoy a younger look.

Wrinkle Treatments

One of the main problems most people have as they age is the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Wrinkles can make you look much older than you are.

Wrinkles can be dealt with in a few different ways. The most popular treatment is using Botox. This is a toxin injected under the skin in very small doses. This will relax the facial muscles and smooth the wrinkles out.

Botox injections is only a temporary fix. Over time the effects of the botox will wear off and the wrinkles will start to reappear. That’s why new injections will be required every few months to keep the wrinkles at bay.

Skin Peels

Another treatment is known as a skin peel or chemical peel. A chemical peel utilizes the power of certain chemicals to peel away the top layers of your skin. The process can be slightly uncomfortable, but after a few days, new fresher-looking skin will be uncovered.

There are deep or mild skin peels that will generate different results. These peels can remove light scars, some wrinkles, lines, and age spots. Chemical peels can make you look fresher and younger very quickly.


Another non-surgical cosmetic procedure that can get good results is cosmetic fillers. These are where substances are injected under your skin to fill out and plump up areas. This can reduce lines and wrinkles. There are many different fillers that can be injected, including collagen, or just your own body fat.

Although none of these cosmetic procedures require surgery, it’s still important that they are done carefully. If they are not done with care then they can cause damage or make the results look unnatural. At has a lot of experience performing cosmetic procedures on the face and body.